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The Hilltop Yogi Class Guide 2023

Updated: Apr 15

So you're thinking about coming along to one of my yoga classes. Great, well done! But which one should you go for? In this blog I'll give you a brief overview of each class to help you make the best decision...and remember, you can always change your mind!

Yang to Yin Yoga; This class is designed to take you from busy mind and body to a calmer more settled mind and body, energetically moving from yang to yin. We will usually begin with some gentler standing warm ups moving into a standing flow. Standing poses are very 'yang' in nature because they require muscular engagement, helping to build strength and postural integrity. We will then move towards exploring some floor based poses with more emphasis on flexibility. We try to fit in a few 'yin'poses to finish. In a yin pose, the emphasis is on softening and letting go, a surrendering if you like. A nice way to round up your Monday and leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for bed!

Chair Yoga; Aimed at those of you who want something very gentle and accessible. In my seated yoga classes we usually start with a little self massage to gently wake up energy in the body. We'll always include some joint rotations and a few dynamic movements to improve blood circulation. We will then do a few more yoga like stretches and sequences from the chair, finishing with a little bit of standing work often with a leg strength/balance theme. There is always time for a short meditation to wind down at the end. Those who attend often tell me they feel so much better afterwards and ready for the day. I run this one online and in person here in Banchory.

Gentle Yoga; This morning class always begins standing up. We do a dynamic warm up and ease our way into some gentle standing flows. Our main aim is to find integrated ways of moving with a balance of stability and mobility. There is an emphasis on foot and leg strength as so often weakness in our foundation can be at the root of problems further up. We often finish with a little floor work done from either all fours, sitting or supine. We close with a short relaxation. This class would be ideal for you if you if you want to begin to strengthen your body and improve your mobility in a very gentle controlled way.

Hatha Flow; This class is aimed at those who want to move a bit more.

In this class we cover a broader range of poses with the option of slightly more challenging transitions. Starting from a seated position, we gradually work our way up to standing. Here we will usually work our way though slow flowing sequences often based around the sun salutation. If we have time we will include some pranayama to finish. A great class if you want a safe accessible practice but with the option to challenge yourself just a bit more.

Although each class is slightly different they are all slow paced and have a strong mindfulness element woven through them. It is important to understand that yoga is much more than simply a way to improve your body (although if that's why you're coming that's perfectly fine). At it's essence it really is a mindfulness practice. Our practice allows us to slow down and really connect with our present moment experience. As we move and breathe we have the opportunity to explore the relationship we have with our mind/body. If we can begin to relate to ourselves with kindness, we find that our outlook changes and the way we relate to others changes for the better as well.

Current timetable

Mon: Yang to Yin Yoga- 7.50-8.50 Deeside Dance centre

Tues: Chair Yoga- 10-11am Online

Wed: Chair Yoga- 10-11am Banchory Guide Hut

Thurs: Gentle Yoga- 9.30-10.30am Deeside Dance Centre

Fri: Hatha Flow- 9.30-10.30 Deeside Dance Centre

I hope this little article has given you some idea as to my classes and my approach. There are a few free classes on my YouTube channel so go check them out! If your interested in mindfulness sessions or courses please let me know. If you'd like to find out more or sign up to receive my newsletter you can do so at .

Click the button below to go straight to my booking page. If you have any problems booking or you have a question, feel free to message me at

Wishing you warmth and wellness.

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